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DCS - Dynamic Computer Services Darryn Franklin - 021 275 8501

  • Can you give a brief description of your company? 

We’re a small business employing 7 people, running specialist IT services and support. Generally, we have our own infrastructure supporting a lot of small and medium-sized businesses and residentials around the Mid Canterbury region, Ashburton, Methven, and Rakaia, but we have clients from Timaru, Waimate, Duntroon, up to Christchurch, Culverden, Hanmer, over to Rarotonga, and Auckland. So a bit of a stretch and a wide variety of stuff that we do.

  • How did you first hear about Lynda Stevenson Chartered Accountant’s service? 

We’ve known Lynda since our kids started school together at 5 years old. So that’s a long time. We knew that she was a great accountant and so when we started the business up, the rapport we had and the knowledge that we had of her services was already founded. So it was a natural selection for us, we didn’t need to look anywhere else. We engaged her services from day one and haven’t looked back since. 

  • What were you looking for in an accountant and business planning service?

Someone that we could relate to and could actually understand us and our unique business requirements, knew what we were trying to achieve, was reliable, honest, knowledgeable and actually could really relate and understand us, which is a biggee. Some people talk at you, not understanding what you want, they just try to tell you things, whereas Lynda and her team are great because they will explain things in ways that make sure everyone understands it. So, dumbing it down without making you feel dumb if you don’t understand something. That’s a biggee, communicating on the same wavelength really.

  • How have you used their advice and business planning services? 

So obviously, there’s the annual accounts side of things. There’s been other stuff where we’ve been looking at doing different investments for it. We’ve got another business that we’ve set up with Lynda’s help as well. We’ve got some real estate under that. So we were speaking to her for advice, how best to do things, how to structure stuff. So with the couple of businesses combined, it’s been good that we’re able to do things in a certain way which maximises the returns we’ve been able to get and minimises any unnecessary outgoings.

  • How did their team help with implementation and getting processes organised?

There was a wee bit of advice needed, but because of our customised computer systems, we did a lot of the implementation ourselves. It’s generally been the great advice and understanding what we do and they of course set stuff up in the background.

  • Has working with Lynda and her team helped save you money?

I definitely think so. It costs a lot if you make the wrong decision or you don’t understand the implications of what you’re doing, or the flow on impact of something you’ve made a decision on. So it’s definitely cheaper to ask the question rather than go on ahead and then realise afterwards, “Oh no, I shouldn’t have done that, or I should have done that differently. But it’s too late now”.

  • What have you been most impressed with? 

Lynda and her team do an excellent job. You won’t regret utilising their services at all. We’ve been dealing with Lynda and her team for 14 years and we’ve never looked at another accountant because we don’t need to. They definitely cover all forms of business and support services, tax, and in particular business planning, which has been a real asset to us. 


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